Swedish House Mafia – Greyhound (Premier 2012 on BBC Radio)

•February 22, 2012 • Leave a Comment


The day this track got on air, right after there were 50 hits to this youtube video. And now I see its just been 4 days and it’s already reaching 8000. One of the most upcoming tracks which Dj’s would love to remix it. But, SHM has done it so well I wish i could have attended when Axewell played his set and introduced this song in Moscow @Izvestiya Hall. Amazingg !!!!!!




Moonlight Sonata Beethoven Dubstep

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There is so much in my plate but i just have two hands. Couple of minutes being spared from my daily routine, I logged on and saw one of my friend online. Much curious to know what she was upto we spoke and one thing let to another which got me introduce to this music video.



Valentines Day

•February 14, 2012 • 2 Comments

Beware !!! Look out for a squishy guy who is half naked, stole wings from halloween shop and thinks of him as a Robin-hood of love. His name is – Stupid Cupid.