Blog in a Nutshell !

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Thanks for visiting my blog. I might not anticipate much volume from my daily updates but just to let you know, I will be adding posts related to my daily activities and materials which i feel should be shared. Like for an instance, I am very passionate about my music so you might find loads of videos as well as the thoughts wired to particular ones.

Again, It’s totally upto you to follow my blog but just a heads up ” If you know me Follow me”

–¬†Sumiet k


Sing to Me – Thomas Gold

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This track gives you blood pumping beats with a sweet piano taste. Looking forward to be played in UMF.

Ps- Swedish House Mafia’s team member Axwell has teamed up with Thomas Gold for vocal version.

Swedish House Mafia – Save the World

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She has an outstanding voice. First I thought, It would be such a turn off listening to the acoustic version of the song remixed by Swedish House Mafia but then… *Jaw Dropping*

Must listen.

Apple unveils iPad 3 on March 7th in San Fran

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Siri vs. Android? I bet on Google

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Siri vs. Android: Which is Better at Understanding Voice Commands?

I came across this video while i was tweeting and I thought it really made a big difference in ¬†choosing a platform. I have used Apple (iPhone 4s) and Android (Samsung Galaxy Note) and I personally feel GTN7000 sold me off completely. It’s an amazing phone which gives you a feel of a tablet too. Who wouldn’t want Google embedded in their phone?



Henrik B feat. Rudy – Leave A Light On (NO_ID Remix) – Exclusive Preview [AXTONE] HQ

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An amazing preview of the song yet to be launched was first introduced in Sunburn 2011 GOA. As Dan Carter of BeatMyDay says “Drawing on the originals anthemic vocal line and building a canvas of solid synth work around its emotive tones, their remix transitions from piercing keys to aggressive chords with impressive technical substance”

P.s.- Still waiting for HQ release.


Haddaway – What is love

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Walked 5 mile across the loop and michigan ave back n forth. Attended meeting at Google, Inc. 12 hour of shift and a tiring day couldn’t keep me away from logging on to my laptop and finding ONE thing which makes me happy. And here I was. Reminiscing my memories with this song. Truly a walk in past with a modern touch.

Welcome to Chi-Town

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I love this feeling when i am about to start my daily routine and suddenky i get a call from my sister’s husband that he’s done for the day and i am his tour guide. *Smile on my face, google in my hand, off for today!!*